About the Directory

The BRC Global Standards Directory is the official online-database of all sites audited against a BRC Global Standard. It is used predominantly by Suppliers audited against a BRC Global Standard and by Retailers and other specifiers. It is also used by the BRC to assess scheme consistency and to measure Certification Body Performance.


The Database was designed in conjunction with retailers and Certification Bodies to be a secure, password protected method of storing and sharing audit data.


The BRC Global Standards Directory is managed and maintained by Certification Bodies and currently holds over 20,000 audits.


The Directory is structured in 2 parts:

  • Secure area requiring password protected log in:
    Access to all audit data including full audit reports, certificates and statistics

  • Public access web-directory listing key information about sites for potential customers
    (Public users can view site name, address, standard, category, scope & validity dates)


  • Administrated daily by over 70 Certification Bodies

  • Holds full Audit reports & certificates as a read-only PDF

  • Allows suppliers to securely share full audit documents with their customers

  • Automated email updates to notify buyers of status changes and expiry dates